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Blue Jade's concept is all about celebrating the mystique and authenticity of Asian cuisine in a single resort setting. Diners are taken into an enchanting journey through the East with a unique harmony of exotic aromas and authentic flavors. It is a true showcase of the distinctiveness of each Asian cuisine while allowing guests to discover the common thread that binds them all.

The restaurant complements the legacy of the resort in terms of crafting an exquisite dining experience in an intimate yet luxurious atmosphere. With its elaborate menu, which takes its inspiration from the authentic family-based culinary traditions of the Far East, combined with exclusive and intuitive Ritz-Carlton service, Blue Jade will cater to the city's most discerning food lovers of Asian fine dining.

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The Talisman of Peace & Tranquility

Blue Jade is named after the talisman of peace and tranquility that is highly regarded in Asia. The qualities associated with the restaurant's namesake are reflected in its magnificent ambiance where elegant tunes of Asian instruments blend seamlessly with its contemporary design of rich color palette of amber and wood.  Widely framed windows open to the terrace that overlooks the tropical gardens of the resort and the Arabian Gulf, setting a mood similar to an Asian sea-side restaurant, whilst the open kitchen provides diners with an exemplary Asian spectacle - a showcase of culinary artistry by the chefs as they prepare the dishes.
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Unlock Pan-Asian Delights

For guests eager for a tipple pre or post dinner, Blue Jade's bar, serves exquisite beverages which follow the same footprints as the food menu. Weekly specialty nights draw a fun-loving crowd of Asian cuisine lovers, while special Pan-Asian events including Chinese New Year, Songkran Water Festival (Thai) and Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival, to name a few are also celebrated with set menus and special activations.